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  • Application Portfolio Management

    There are many reasons to know what applications you have and the role they play in the business.

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  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

    As an IT leader it’s your responsibility to serve internal customers by enabling them to conduct business as usual.

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  • Business Transformation

    To maintain a competitive advantage in the health care, financial services, retail, manufacturing and higher education industries business transformation is essential.

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  • IT Organizational Assessment

    As your business continues to grow, all functional areas are exploring ways to make their work more efficient, scalable, measurable, and value added for customers.

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  • IT Process Development and Documentation

    Your IT environment is constantly changing, interdependent, and complex.

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  • Master Data Management

    You need to position your data management team as a driver of strategic goals by ensuring customer satisfaction through data integrity.

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  • Program Management: Business and IT

    Your program is a complex group of related projects and elements of ongoing operations.

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  • Project Portfolio Management

    Your IT organization has expressed concerns about the transparency and quality of the current technology project prioritization

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  • Software Selection

    Your business is changing. You need new technology to support that change.

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  • Team Boosting

    Your team may not have the brainpower, experience or capacity to achieve the goals of every initiative.

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Thank you to our CIO Insights Panel! The discussion of our first-ever regional CIO Survey was fantastic.  We look forward to the next one!


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BusinessForward consultants have industry and functional area expertise they share through our weekly blog. Read on for tips and stories that you can use.

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How to Be a Project Superhero

By: Amy Dubin, Project Director, BusinessForward

The overall theme that emerged in the BusinessForward-Pittsburgh Technology Council 2016 Regional CIO Survey is one of transformation. A tall order, transformation. Do CIOs need to be superheroes to achieve it?

Driving Change

IT Leaders are clearly thinking about how to migrate to a focus on innovation […]

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What Would Gavin Belson Do? Inspired BYOD

By Heather Broman, BusinessForward

Leaders want their employees to be as happy and as productive as possible. Today this means inspiring your team with cool work spaces, casual dress and allowing them to feel comfortable at work. But as fans of Silicon Valley know, it only takes one idiot and a […]

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