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Centralizing IT Functions Creates Strategic Center of Excellence


The Investment Services Technology (IST) function in the IT organization of a leading financial institution was undergoing an effort to re-organize the structure of their Strategy and Administration (S&A) function. As part of this effort, IST Leadership wanted to assess the impact of the IST Asset Servicing (AS) Strategy & Administration group being absorbed into the overall IST Strategy and Administration (S&A) group. In order to assess whether or not this move would be successful S&A Leadership had to consider:

  • Both organizations’ service catalogs and how to bring them together
  • Merging team members from both organizations into a new organization
  • How the merger will impact customer expectations
  • What to do with the extra capacity created by the re-organization


The goal was to provide the IST S&A group with the experience and structure so that in the future, they are able to repeat these processes, using the templates provided to absorb additional groups into their organization.

Due to the Lean IT Initiative recently completed by BusinessForward for this customer, we already had enough information around the S&A service offerings that we were able to assess overlap, duplication, compliments and efficiencies that would be created by merging the two service catalogs.

Additionally, we analyzed how the re-organization would affect their ability to meet customer expectations. BusinessForward created recommendations for organizational re-design focused on documenting the current roles, responsibilities and staffing levels of the two existing organizations. We recommended merging the two groups together and to create a new organization chart highlighting the layers of management, span of control and reporting structure. The organizational effort concluded with recommendations around staffing levels and input on what should be done with the extra capacity realized post-merger.


As a result of our IT organization assessment, two new organizations were able to allow 28 team members to focus appropriately. More than 2,000 hours of capacity was created and the Investment Services Technology (IST) function and Strategy and Administration (S&A) function will launch a Center of Excellence.

By centralizing the strategy and administrative functions of our IT organization we are able to capture some economies of scale and create a center of excellence for these types of functions. This will result in lower costs to perform these functions and improved customer service and experience- Project Team Member

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