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After kicking off an enterprise-wide initiative to improve recruiting as a whole, a leading supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland successfully developed a new recruiting process and selected a recruiting tool to manage it.  The next step was to figure out how to properly use the technology to meet their goals. The HR and IT organizations needed to design a technology solution that could:

  • Fully support the new recruiting processes
  • Remain flexible enough to handle multiple brands
  • Scale to meet ever-changing business needs

At this point in the initiative, progress began to slow due to a number of process, technology, and resource-related issues and with such a lucrative return on investment at stake, the clock was ticking.

The customer’s project resources were new to technology projects and to translating how technology can enable business requirements. They needed someone with technical expertise to dive deep into the technology and recommend feasible and appropriate uses for their new recruiting application. In addition, the new recruiting process was a moving target due to constantly changing business needs.

BusinessForward was brought in to provide the guidance necessary fix these issues, map the processes to the technology, and turn the technology into the solution that would get them results.


Our Business Process and Technology Design solution focuses on translating business process design into a solid technology solution. This was precisely what was needed as the key to their success in this initiative. BusinessForward dove deep into the company to gain understanding of both the business and technology, what they do, why they do it, and how their new processes would help them succeed. It was equally important to become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the new recruiting tool.

We offered an approach to quickly and effectively build a solution to satisfy the enterprise as a whole. This approach included:

  1. Determining the highest priorities and most suitable uses for technology within their business
  2. Providing recommendations on how to satisfy requirements, enhance the tool, and enrich the recruiting experience
  3. Streamlining the recruiting process to centralize and standardize job descriptions, job postings, forms, communications, legal requirements, and practices
  4. Acting as the point liaison between the customer and its software vendor for all design, configuration, and functional issues and decisions
  5. Providing the translation between the technology and their internal process and recruiting resources
  6. Developing an efficient and reusable toolkit to use for future customizations and to ensure that the technology could continue to meet the needs of the business


Business Forward provided a flexible and scalable solution to support improved recruiting processes today and how they might want to be recruiting tomorrow. We were also able to deliver the solution within an extremely tight timeframe allowing the customer to capitalize on a lucrative return on investment as budgeted.

In addition, BusinessForward was able to effectively work with a vendor whose implementation approach did not match the organization or goals. We provided the translation necessary to guarantee an appropriately configured solution to support the new recruiting processes.

“One of BusinessForward’s biggest impacts was in the speed of delivery.  Based on estimated project ROI, the speed of delivery immediately impacted true business savings. Because of BusinessForward, we saved 500 to 600 thousand dollars and at least 6 to 9 months -worth of implementation time and resource costs. Without them we would have lost a good portion of the first year of ROI.”– Senior Director HRIS

The customer is now utilizing their new recruiting platform to:

  • Recruit for 10 separate and distinct brands within the Giant Eagle organization
  • Screen over 400,000 applicants interested in opportunities with the company
  • Hire over 15,000 new people per year
  • Reduce the overall recruiting costs by at least $500,000

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