Information Technology

Capturing Growth Opportunities for IT Teams


The innovative IT leaders at one of the nation’s fastest growing convenience restaurant companies with more than 16,000 employees across six states, and a member of the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For®, had the foresight to constantly try to set team members up for success.  This was an opportunity to support the team, provide each of them with some insight into where there are growth opportunities, and drive training and development at an individual level.  Additionally, it provided insight into who was a good fit (and who wasn’t a good fit) in specific roles within the IT organization.


We partnered with PSP Metrics to provide a two-pronged engagement:

  1. Used the PSP Metrics Skills Assessment service to identify strengths and weaknesses for each person
  2. BusinessForward matched Skills Assessment results against qualities desired for each role within the IT organization.  This analysis yielded insight into who was a good fit for a role vs. who was mismatched for a role


Ultimately, IT leadership was able to use the results of our assessment to determine how to provide better service to customers.  They were also able to identify and act upon growth opportunities on the individual team member level as well as the organizational level.

  • Drove training and development by highlighting areas of strength and opportunity for individual IT team members
  • Documented individual team member skillsets specifically as they relate to their assigned roles and responsibilities
  • Identified future leaders within the current organization
  • Benchmarked the IT organization against other comparable IT organizations

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