Information Technology

Transforming In-Store Promotions to Skyrocket Sales for Giant Eagle


A top-50 privately-held large-format grocer in today’s hyper-competitive and low margin U.S. Food Market industry realized that to improve on over $9.3 billion in annual sales, the company had to transform the way it handled over 15,000 in-store promotions from more than 2,000 separate vendors each year. Leaders in the IT, Marketing, Merchandising, Merchandising Operations, Finance, and Legal organizations saw an opportunity for transformational change.


We helped to drastically transform the way the client handled vendors and the way they thought about promotions at its core. This exposed an opportunity to drive higher sales and add more value to everyday customers through better data accuracy, less internal effort and minimal investment. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the BusinessForward project team:

  • Led the client’s transition into a promotional market leader
  • Shifted the very essence of the foundational roles each group played in pushing promotions to market
  • Automated the new end-to-end promotional lifecycle through technology design and implementation


The supermarket retailer is now able to achieve higher margin and provide significantly more value to customers because promotions require less internal effort and get into stores faster. Specific benefits included:

  • Improving promotional speed-to-market and a 79% reduction in the amount of time needed to process a promotion
  • Refocusing 10,000 hours of manual effort per year towards growing the business
  • Improving partnership and collaboration with vendors alleviating undue stress on their teams

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