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Helping HR Solve Costly Talent Acquisition and Retention Issues at PGT Trucking


A leading national trucking company is struggling with severe driver acquisition and retention problems, a trend faced by this industry nationally. The driver shortage is compounded by high turnover within 90 days from hire. The loss of revenue from empty truck seats is estimated at $4.5 million and expenses to onboard drivers who do not stay is costing upwards of $1.5 million. Although the company has invested in some substantial efforts around improving retention of drivers (for example, performance based bonuses), the effort is incomplete. Without being able to measure the impact of these programs, it is difficult to clearly understand which of those most impacts retention and why.


We assessed and evaluated all of the typical factors that drive attraction and retention success, including factors that are specific to this company and their unique market position. This enabled us to deliver company leadership, HR program recommendations and a new HR organizational structure paired. In addition, our team:

  • Designed process changes to eliminate disparate working groups and create a more driver-centric internal culture.
  • Created more efficient and effective recruiting process


Four key steps are in place to support continued improvement in HR recruiting and retention.

  • Marketing and Engagement Plan
  • Hiring and Onboarding Process Improvements
  • Total Reward Program Improvements
  • Recommended Technology Improvements

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