Human Resources

Integrating Payroll with HR Radically Improves Efficiency


A manufacturing company that designs, manufactures, installs, and services turbo-machinery for prime movers and rotating machinery offering a wide range of products and services to the global marketplace experienced significant growth. While driving the success of the organization, this created an unmanageable level of issues between the Payroll and HR functions including:

  • Inconsistent pay cycles, pay rules, and pay types across the broad employee population
  • Separate technology platforms for HR and Payroll
  • High risk of error because of manual work


We objectively led a technology selection with stakeholders, platform vendors, and implementation partners. Through this, we selected a new Payroll technology platform that best addressed opportunities for improvement and could scale based on future needs, while ensuring that value was received out of every dollar in technology spend.  The new platform allowed for:

  • Integration of HR and payroll allowing for exchanges of data in a real-time fashion
  • Elimination of manual processes and spreadsheets created by having siloed systems and groups
  • Improvement on the speed and accuracy of payroll and HR information in one central system


We changed the way Payroll was performed, allowing the HR organization to radically increase efficiency and scale for future growth:

  • Payroll and HR are now aligned saving time and cost
  • Clear path to implementation has been designed
  • Change management efforts to drive adoption are underway

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