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New ITSM Process Helps Customer Service Soar While Reducing Cost


The IT organization of a large, nearly century-old utility company is currently going through a modernization and optimization initiative for how it supports the business.  In order to do so, they realize that they must work together and with their internal customers to change the way they operate.

To complicate matters, the IT organization supports many different customers with very different needs.  Externally facing systems must consistently perform for paying customers, operational systems must be “up” and compliant, and business applications must be resilient to adjust to the ever-changing improvements to deliver services, hire employees, and support operations. All technologies must be safe and secure.


We designed the roles and responsibilities for a discrete set of ITSM frameworks, also considering future ITSM adoption. Our team educated the IT team and business stakeholders on four foundational elements to ensure their understanding.

  1. Effective elements of process design
  2. Process design terms
  3. Common ITSM concepts and terms
  4. How elements of the ITSM Framework relate to one another

BusinessForward also provided:

  • Initial outlines of policies and procedures to serve as process guidelines and controls
  • Alignment on one consistent process, across IT and the business with expectations and service levels set
  • Identification of any and all changes needed from a role, responsibility, or headcount perspectives in IT as they implement ITSM-driven change


We provided the IT organization with more discipline and rigor, leading to an ability to more consistently deliver services while reducing risk and avoiding audit issues.  Expectations can now be set with internal customers around Service Levels and IT practitioners are set up for success to exceed those service levels.  IT can be nimbler in responding to the changing needs of the business without sacrificing stability. With organizational silos reduced, customer satisfaction and IT practitioner engagement increases and efficiencies and effectiveness-driven changes can be realized to increase quality while reducing cost to serve.

They are taking our process recommendations and implementing them within Cherwell (ITSM / Support Technology).

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