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HR Leadership at EQT, an industry-leading petroleum and natural gas Exploration and Production company, was laser-focused on finding ways to attract the best talent in a competitive recruiting environment. One of the highest-priority opportunities included revamping their Talent Acquisition processes and refreshing the technology supporting those efforts.


In an extremely compressed timeframe, the BusinessForward team confirmed the selection of a new HR platform, redesigned how the client interacted with prospective employees, and improved the candidate experience from applicant to Team Member. We reduced barriers-to-entry by simplifying the application process, creating transparency between applicants and recruiters, and automating the manual, paper-based onboarding process. This created Happier Team Members and quicker time-to-productivity for new hires.


EQT is now benefitting from an improved candidate pool, less internal investment into managing the talent acquisition process, and Team Members who are effective from the first hour they become employees. They have the right technology in place to provide the candidate experience they desire and to position their Talent Acquisition practice as a true differentiator in the fight for top talent.

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