Right Technology Reins in Vendors and Products


The merchandising systems and operations organization of a supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland had costly, inefficient processes surrounding the setup and maintenance of item and vendor data. The current technology design supported a process with over a dozen people across eight different organizations  managing data. This resulted in:

  • Inaccuracies and inconsistencies with data which impacted merchandising’s ability to make sound decisions
  • Excessive effort required to manage data input and maintenance activity
  • Increased cycle time in getting new vendors and items setup in the system which impacted speed to market


BusinessForward took an iterative approach, identifying quick win solutions to implement in the short term while working on redesigning the process and technology that supports it. We started by creating new tools to support the manual process (forms, templates, training material). The requirements identified during that phase were used to design a web-based workflow system to streamline the future state that would be supported by this new technology. The web-based application put governance and controls in place to ensure data quality would improve.


BusinessForward designed and implemented a technology system. This streamlined the process to setup new items and vendors. It served as a workflow that significantly reduced cycle time. In addition, the project:

  • Reduced and streamlined the item and vendor setup processes into internal systems by 70%
  • Reduced the overall cycle time in setting up new items and vendors resulting in an 85% improvement in speed to market
  • Improved item lifecycle processes that impact over 3,000 new items annually
  • Improved processes enable the customer to better control the nearly $2M worth of dead inventory

 “BusinessForward does a great job of implementing solutions that aren’t just the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our organization. Their focus on understanding our business and our businesses’ needs is what sets them apart from other consulting companies.” – Project Sponsor

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