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Vastly Improving an Enterprise Asset Management Program


To continue to improve service, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure safe operations, a growth-oriented limited partnership formed by a large natural gas producer to own, operate, acquire and develop midstream assets in the Appalachian Basin focused its efforts on refining its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Program. This included an implementation of an asset management platform, Maximo, in 2011. Since the implementation, the customer identified key areas that needed further improvement including:

  • Proactively managing work, systems, resources, and maintenance activities;
  • Sustaining new EAM processes and continually improving the EAM Program;
  • Further optimizing Maximo’s capabilities that were previously underutilized;
  • Reconfiguring or replacing select technologies in order to improve ease of use especially for mobile users in the field;
  • Providing more detailed information to field users for maintenance processes and work orders.


BusinessForward’s approach included two key initiatives that allowed for the capture of institutional knowledge, the effective management of work, systems, and resources, and the access to data to support decision making and validate progress.

  1. Develop process, repository, and delivery tool for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Identify reporting requirements and data sources to build EAM reports for operations management, supervisors, and analysts.

For the first initiative we worked with cross-departmental staff to:

  • Identify the SOPs and other procedural types of documents in existence to date;
  • Cross reference existing SOPs and procedural types of documents with existing work orders;
  • Identify gaps in SOPs and new SOPs to create;
  • Develop a standardized SOP template to provide standardization in formatting and the level of detail to capture;
  • Develop a lifecycle process for the creation, modification, review, approval, and discontinuation of SOPs with roles and responsibilities outlined;
  • Identify requirements for repository and delivery tools.

For the second initiative we worked with cross-departmental staff to:

  • Inventory and analyze all existing reports
  • Perform a gap analysis to identify what critical reports were missing
  • Identify all reporting requirements including key data points
  • Create a Best in Class functional specification template that report writers can utilize when communicating with software developers
  • Create functional specification documentation for the top 10 most critical reports
  • Engage with other workstreams that are part of the Enterprise Asset Management program to share findings and collaborate on cross workstream initiatives


The customer’s ultimate goal is to gain better visibility and control around all of their assets, everything from compressor pumps to individual parts and valves. The work BusinessForward has done on these two workstreams will lay the foundation and put structure and definition around these management efforts. We have enabled them to:

  • Improve how they report on assets resulting in better visibility around condition, maintenance activities and inventory
  • Establish a vehicle to standardize operations that will ensure that all team members are consistent in the way that they operate, monitor and maintain their assets

By providing management with this improved visibility they are better equipped to manage asset condition and inventory resulting in:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved safety during maintenance activity
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • An organization that is ready for growth

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