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Make an impact on the overall business through informed and proactive people decisions

As HR evolves beyond transactional functions like making sure staff is paid on time and enrolling people in health benefits, they are thinking more and more about being viewed as a business partner. Today, HR organizations are expected to deliver services and results that fuel a company’s success. To operate in this way requires establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between what HR does and business outcomes. To create strategies based on that information requires the right data. This is where the value of HR analytics is most pertinent. Our People, Data, and Analytics solution will help to correlate business data and people data, which can help establish important connections later on.

Talent acquisition, optimization, paying and developing the workforce of the organization are critical requirements for HR to impact the business. HR analytics can help to expose problems and issues surrounding these requirements. BusinessForward will harness the power of this data and will guide leaders to answer questions and gain insights from information at hand, then make relevant decisions and help leaders effectively present the data so that it may be acted upon.

Our solution will help you:

  • Align HR and operations on the specific ways and means that people are engaged, productive and effective and the impact of HR
  • Generate a list of HR benchmarks and metrics relevant to your organization’s goals
  • Help you adopt these in the short, medium and longer term to get value out of the analytics
  • Understand which improvements and changes to your technologies will capture, generate and share HR analytics
  • Demonstrate use of the Analytics Process Model to analyze HR data
  • Prepare an analysis of workforce and talent data to identify trends and other actionable performance information
  • Help you design what these analytics look like in your organization.
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