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We have seen companies over-complicate ITSM so none of it is implemented. Our goal is to apply right-fitting ITSM principles to the needs of your IT organization. We will always leverage ITSM Best Practices to focus on process and organizational change so it is adoptable, adaptable and it sticks. It is not an overstatement to say that the elimination of waste is the central concern of IT organizations. If waste is considered work that adds no value to your product or service, this presents significant challenges to an IT organization’s impact on the business. In terms of talent, reputation and morale, leaders never want their people performing work that doesn’t make sense or is considered stupid work.

So, if your organization knows this, why it hasn’t worked? We see many reasons. Sometimes things are implemented too far, too fast and too soon. Kind of like training for a marathon and running 26 miles without stretching on the first day-you’re bound to hurt your hip flexor.

People try to overcomplicate and over-customize technology. The focus becomes all around how we make the technology work, rather than how do we make our “work” work. This means doing an effective job of managing change and the ability to succinctly tell customers what will change. People must understand why and what the value is to them to get them to adopt the change. Everyone from the help desk to the folks who are decommissioning servers need to understand it, so that they can be the high performing employee you know that they can be.

Customers First

IT organizations must be focused on providing the best possible service to their customers because it is their clearest success measure. If they don’t deliver impactful services to the business, “shadow IT” starts to happen, causing the IT spend to seep into other areas of the business. Further, when service isn’t right, IT will not be able to focus on innovation and emerging technologies that help the business differentiate. Constant firefighting strains credibility and the business will not trust that IT is doing new and innovative things.

We have a very pragmatic approach to this that focuses on the specific problems, opportunities and the means that IT supports the business. We help organizations fix problems by tying Lean IT to the way that IT does the work to meet customer demand – not anymore and not any less.

Traditional IT becomes ITSM Process
Users Customers
Centralized, done in-house Distributed, sourced
Isolated, silos Integrated, enterprise-wide
“One off”, adhoc Repeatable, accountable

Our Goals:

  • To add discipline and rigor improve consistency, reduce risk, and avoid audit issues
  • To increase quality while reducing costs through process improvement
  • To respond to the changing needs of the business without sacrificing stability
  • To improve customer satisfaction and internal engagement by reducing ‘silos”

Our Critical Success Factors:

  • We don’t just implement a tool, but instead, focus on achieving specific business outcomes
  • We consider the importance of education, awareness, and organizational culture
  • We will establish clear points of accountability to ensure improvements aren’t temporary
  • We provide clear metrics and dashboards for customers and stakeholders
  • We provide ongoing support to make Continual Service Improvement a way of life

The BusinessForward approach will always start by gauging how ready your organization is to adopt ITSM best practices. We focus on the assessment and redesign of IT support processes, roles, responsibilities, and use of technology across all functions of the IT organization. Next we identify what is important to fix and focus on and how is this applied to your organization. We tell you how ITSM tools should support and enable you. We tell you what your organization needs to look like. And we tell you how to measure success.

Lean IT

Implementing Lean IT is a continuing and long-term process. Our goal is that it will evolve to become an intrinsic way to operate your organization, allowing people, processes and production to be optimal in every stage of IT delivery. Fulfillment of the service is where Lean IT comes in to make IT operations as effective efficient as possible to get your people out the transactional weeds. Your service catalogue and the “what and the when” of your standard SLAs is key to success too.

We take principals borne out of manufacturing shop floor and apply them to services that IT provides their customers. We give you a playbook to eliminate waste.

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