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We help ensure, based on the business strategy and changes, that IT is able to focus their attention and limited resources on work that will best help meet those. Sounds easy right? It isn’t. Consider that there are things that IT has to work on that are not necessarily dictated by the businesses, like anything around security stability, performance. Innovative technologies that IT wants to bring back to the business. And, we haven’t met an organization yet where nimbleness isn’t a struggle.

The typical dynamic is “hey do this.” We know this is a collaborative conversation so everything is coming into the funnel all at the same time. The PORTFOLIO side is not just about prioritization it’s about aligning what needs to change and in what order to really achieve business results. Questions we help you answer include: “What are we looking to transform? Who has a voice in what happens, How can we execute on this work, and Who is best to do it?”

Is your PMO operating as successful as you originally thought you would be? We see a lot of over-engineering that causes people to disengage and go rogue. When tools are over-engineered,  people stop using them (no adoption), project budgets balloon and you might have some generally unhappy people.

We help you fix these issues through PMO recovery – so that reality meets your expectations.

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