Photo of Brittney Krieger

Brittney Krieger

Solutions Analyst


Informal role/title: Board Game Guru
Languages: English, taking an ASL class this spring!
Birthplace: Bridgewater, New Jersey

My BusinessForward value: Empathy, I like seeking out opportunities that lead me to engage with my community and connect with people that I wouldn’t run in to during work or in my neighborhood…. From service opportunities, to ERGS, to working with community-based organizations like Vibrant Pittsburgh. I believe that there is so much value to seeking different perspectives, engaging on a deeper level with the world around you, and finding ways to support others.

Always ask, always listen, always welcome.

One Fun Fact: I fell in love with Pittsburgh after working in different restaurants in the city. I am no food snob though… pizza and Swedish fish are my go tos.

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