Photo of John Lukondi

John Lukondi

Solutions Analyst


Informal role/title: Department of Useless Trivia
Birthplace/Hometown:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Languages: English (IT and non-IT dialects)

My BusinessForward value: Integrity: Always be honest, even when you’re faced with a tough audience. You can “fake it until you make it” but everything has a way of catching up in the end. Don’t assume that you’re the only person who doesn’t know the answer. Ask questions, engender a sense of collaboration, and use those opportunities to grow your own skillset and help others along the way. The mark of dishonesty is a tough one to live with.

One Fun Fact: My “I should work in IT” a-ha moment came after my first year in pre-med, though I suppose that my extreme fear of blood would have eventually posed some difficulty.

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