Photo of Lynette Hill

Lynette Hill

Solutions Architect


Informal role/title: Color Usher (recipes, games, other fun things)
Birthplace/Hometown: Houston, Texas
Languages: English, Southern

My BusinessForward value: There is fun to be had in the smallest of ways. Whether it is to enjoy the cooler weather (TX cool like 80’s vs 100’s), sharing a smile with a stranger, bringing good food to a meeting or just making faces. I spend time with the Sr adults playing 42 and I have also served the high school band of 400 great food.

One Fun Fact:  I have two Sulcata Tortoises – lately they have been trying to escape. Since our TX weather doesn’t get below 49 too often they do pretty well in our backyard. They are always being watched by my 4 cats.

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