Business Process and Technology Design

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The concept of business process improvement is one of listening to the voice of the customer and giving them the tools they need to work in the most effective and efficient way.

We work with you to design business processes that create results-driven change. What does that mean? We believe that processes should never be designed in a vacuum. Without the voice of the customer to make operations more effective, efficient and consistent, waste is inevitable.  We help you focus on what outcomes you want to achieve and then develop a pragmatic plan together. Pure and simple.  No more than you need, no less than what will have an impact.

Today’s customers are educated about how to improve their organizations.  You have a better awareness of the benefits and concepts of process improvement. In some cases, it is part of the DNA of your technology and continuous improvement initiatives. That’s why we don’t clobber anyone with buzzwords or most times, don’t start from scratch to implement change.

Some consultants talk a lot. Performance measures. Time and motion studies. Current state. Future state.  But if your reality is, “Our margins aren’t good, our customers are upset. How is this going to fix my problem?” listening is far more important.

Business Process Design

When you know the who, why and how and what your business needs to produce, we can get you closer to reaching your goals.
The standard thinking is that an organization can only pick one goal to accomplish, like sales. We know there are other things you want to achieve like revenue growth, profit capture through cost reductions, employee engagement and let’s face it:  customer delight. Process improvement is the key to unlocking all of those doors at once.

And let’s not overcomplicate things. We know that sometimes customers don’t necessarily want disruptive, wholesale, transformative change. Sometimes you just want a reliable payroll system, not an entire re-architecture of your organization. Brainstorming is great – we love it – but there are times when you know what you want and we just need to help get you there through smart business process design.

Our approach is to solve the problem that is right in front of us, with an eye on the horizon.

Is there a time and place for applying Lean or Six Sigma principles to your initiative? Absolutely. When you need it, we know rigor like nobody’s business. Our solutions architects are highly skilled thinkers who can analyze the current and future state of your business.

Sometimes you may be looking to build a new capability. Maybe you have an outdated process that needs to be better. The good news is that we aren’t going to tell you we have to come in and conduct a study or observe your current state or any of that other consulting matter. If you tell us a process is broken, we won’t waste time, we’ll develop and deliver a better one. To use that overused phrase, at the end of the day, we are looking for the same thing that you are – results.

Business Process and Technology:  The Chicken or the Egg?

Used to be that business process design was mapped to existing technology. Today, customers are capable of designing technology to map to exactly how you want things to get done. There isn’t a need to figure out exactly what every step in your business process is or needs to be before selecting and implementing technology. In shared services like HR, systems are highly configurable and can be as nimble as you are. Savvy leaders can find thousands of options to support the change they need to implement.

Even so, the process improvement part has to be part of the conversation. There is a difference between writing software code and understanding business. We do need to take into account the impact of the change. There are nuances in your workflow and your team members need to discuss how things work and the impact of any changes on the business. Technology planned in tandem with business process will change the way you do business.

Process Makes Perfect vs. Progress Makes Perfect

Some process people want to get things perfect. The reality is that designing exact steps isn’t feasible and sometimes isn’t worth the incremental investment. We want to get things perfectly right, so we focus finding solutions. We’ve seen people process things “to death” so to speak. You don’t have time for that, so we will harness your abilities and guide you toward your vision, ensuring you don’t lose your compass as to why you are processing things. We believe that progress makes perfect.

Of course, when we are talking about compliance and regulatory issues, you must have precision. We understand that too. Our proven process design methodologies uncover opportunities and provide leaders with the confidence to make decisions, saving customers millions of dollars and improving how people work.

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